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Editor in Chief

Krishna Dhungana

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शनिबार, ०५ जेठ २०८१

Our Team

Devaki Bist

Producer Story Teller
Meet our dynamic and versatile journalist, Devaki! With an unwavering passion for storytelling, Devaki brings news to life in a manner that truly captivates and engages our viewers.

Priyanka Hamal

Story Teller
Say hello to Priyanka, our inquisitive, passionate, and incredibly diligent journalist! Priyanka is always eager to take that extra step to ensure the job is not just done but done exceptionally well.

Mingmar Gyalbo

Story Teller
Mingmar, our extraordinary storyteller who views the world through a unique lens. With a perspective that stands out from the crowd, Mingmar brings fresh insights and innovative storytelling.

Subhak Mahato

Meet Subhak, a vigilant watchdog who fearlessly champions the public interest, shedding light on risks and border dispute issues.

Pradeep Dahal

Visual Architect
Meet Pradeep, our creative problem solver who transforms videos with innovative editing techniques.

Krishna Dhungana

Meet Krishna, a master of the craft, a truth detective, and a heartful storyteller, always eager to learn new things.