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Krishna Dhungana

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शनिबार, ०५ जेठ २०८१

About Us

At Ground Zero, our mission is simple yet profound: to create a lasting impact through the power of multimedia storytelling.

Ground Zero is a leading Kathmandu-based multimedia company that produces and distributes high-quality multimedia content on important issues. We disseminate our content to millions of people, including Nepalis, every day through our trusted and authentic digital platforms, including multimedia news online, satellite television channels, video sharing sites and social media.

Our target audience is broad, and we want to reach people of all ages, backgrounds, and interests. Ground Zero also provides local support to international media outlets and documentary filmmakers.

We are passionate about storytelling and believe that factual stories can change the world. Our visuals are clean, modern, and professional. We are open to any and all creative ideas that will help us achieve our goals, and we are willing to work with a variety of production partners to bring our vision to life.

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  • Subidha Nagar, Tinkune

  • Kathmandu, Nepal

Meet Our Team